Regulations for Breeding

The general regulations of the private horse breeders in Oldenburg that also list our station apply.

The breeding seasons starts January 1st and ends August 31st. Our stallions are available during this time after previous arrangement. Please apply early, since the stallions appear in tournaments from time to time.

You need to provide the following information for both shipment of semen and insemination at our station: name and registration number / life number, date of birth, pedigree and color as well as a preliminary report of the mare that is to be inseminated (if possible a copy of the pedigree paper / proof of descent), name and address of the veterinarian that will do the insemination for shipment of semen. The breeding certificates (Deckschein) have to be submitted to the station. The stud fees are including VAT and are due after the first insemination. The cost for the shipment of semen will be invoiced separately.

There will be only laboratory cost of 80 € per cycle in the following season and the boarding cost for every mare that did not conceive or reabsorbed.

You are accepting our regulations by using our services.